Creating extraordinary entertainment experiences for audiences far and wide is our passion. No matter what you need, we have the resources to ensure your concert will look flawless and
sound crystal clear.

Equipment Supply

We supply equipment for all types of events, large or small, indoors or outside. From renting a single microphone all the way through to a complete festival production, all aspects of your event will be thoroughly planned and executed down to every last detail. Over the last years we have grown to provide full event services to some of the most important festivals in Crete, creating memorable entertainment moments for all kind of audiences.


  • Whether it’s live music, DJ or theater shows, for all scales of event productions, we create crystal clear sound and immersive lighting so that your event will give your audience impeccable entertainment moments.

  • We design and set- up all audio, video, lighting, and staging solutions for any kind of live event.

  • Our experienced team raises up to any challenge of the event production process from planning, through execution.


Have a project in mind? Let us know and let’s collaborate.

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